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Linc: Your all in one digital cooking assistant

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Linc is your all in one digital cooking assistant

Everything you need to cook like a pro
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10 inch Touchscreen

Step by step walk-through of your favorite recipes

A digital Chef at every step

Linc will guide you though every step of the way.

Spice Rack

Finding a spice has never been so easy

Fully Customizable

Organize the spices you want, the way you want them

Color Coded Wireless Thermometer

Food cooked to perfect temperature all the time

Never guess if its cooked again

Linc will monitor ever step of the cooking process and alert you when its time to take the next step

Linc lets you cook like a world class chef


Linc has been designed from the ground up to complement anyone who want to make amazing meals at home. Linc has all the necessities needed to ensure that you can cook flawlessly. Linc will show you, step by step on the 10 inch touchscreen, how to prepare the food and will also monitor the progress at each stage. Linc uses intelligent sensors and easy to use software to guide you through the cooking process, your meals will will turn out amazing everytime!

  • Creates meal plans for any occasion

  • Calculates calories for home cooked meals

  • Adjusts recipes for religious, health or taste reasons

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